WPC: Delta

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

Delta (Δ) is a symbol of change.

In science, ΔT represents a change in temperature.

In nature, it is a piece of land shaped liked a triangle where a river splits into smaller rivers before flowing into an ocean.

These are the literal definitions of the Delta symbol, but there is also a metaphoric meaning. It can represent a change in your life. A transition from one segment to another. The passing of time.


A 21st birthday for example? You are witnessing my first {legal} drink. I was in a TGI Fridays in DFW Airport (where have we heard this before?) about to fly into Philadelphia. It was over Labor Day weekend last year and there was a music festival called Made In America that I was attending. There will be a post about it in the near future!

Happy birthday to my 20-turning-21-year-old self!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta


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