Travel Blogging Challenge: Week 4

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

-Ibn Battuta

Week 4: Travel misadventures

My best friend has a house on Lake Sunapee in Newbury, New Hampshire where I was visiting for a few days last summer. After breakfast at a small restaurant in town, my friend and I spontaneously decided to hike Mount Sunapee. We’re both adventurous people so we love doing anything active, anything fun that we don’t do every day. There are no mountains in the city we’re from, not even close. If you’ve hiked before, you know it takes preparation – you need food, lots of water, a map, the right shoes and clothes, etc. Luckily we were both wearing tennis shoes, but we only had one bottle of water between the two of us and the food that was already in our stomachs.

We started on a 2-mile trail at the bottom that was supposed to take us to an area with an awesome view. There, we would soak in the scenery and take photos for a bit before heading back down. After a while, we started to get confused with the signs. We’d go the way we thought we were supposed to go to stay on the trail and hope our intuition was right. There were a few times when we were thinking that we were close to the top because we could see more sunlight as we went further along the trail. That was just our minds playing tricks on us. It was quite some time before I said, “I don’t think we’re on the right trail. We’ve definitely hiked more than two miles.” to which she replied, “Yeah I think you’re right.”

So we started making our way back in the direction we had come, while calling my friend’s mom and telling her we were lost. She put me in contact with a lady who was at the base of the mountain in the little shop we visited before starting our hike. This lady was trying to find out where we were and guide us in the right direction. It was approaching 6pm and there was a fair amount of time where we were both thinking we were going to get stuck in this forest after dark and the park rangers would have to come get us. During this time, my friend’s phone had died and mine was on 10% so we were about to lose connection with the outside world. (Obvious tip – make sure your phone battery is full before climbing a mountain.) Also, we feared bear attacks.

We ended up accidentally merging back onto the correct path, so all was fine once we got back to the bottom. Come to find out, we were very close to the top because we could see the electrical tower through the trees (which was where the trail ended, but we didn’t know that at the time). Moral of the story is – when you go hiking, go prepared!

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4 thoughts on “Travel Blogging Challenge: Week 4

  1. It looks like I’ve been missing your posts since I didn’t get a notification pingback. Sorry!! All your new posts are super interesting!!

    That’s definitely a scary misadventure! I do an ample amount of research before going into the wild, especially where signal is limited, and even then, I’ve definitely had some close calls. Thankful you made it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I don’t think I’ve been tagging you in all my posts, my bad! Yes ma’am, I normally do too. I’m the planner of my friend group, I always have to have an itinerary in place before I do something. The one time I tried to be spontaneous! Maybe I should learn to still make smart spontaneous decisions.

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